Formalities ~ An origin story

A little formulaic self-introduction never hurt anyone. My name is Alex and I’m an amateur musician and writer that wanted an outlet to express my creative design. So here I am, though I’ll admit that I’m not very good, but through this experience I hope to grow and improve with the help of all of you. Music and Video games are my two passions and I try to balance the two although during some periods in my life one may take prevalence over the other. So I guess I’ll give a run down on my origin story, or at least the origin of my two passions for that matter.

I’ve played video games for a good portion of my life, my first video game contraption being the GameBoy Color, which I then transitioned to the PlayStation ecosystem, but I wouldn’t say that I was an avid gamer until about 2008. I was heavily inspired by my good friend Georgio, I was one of those kids that copied his friends or at least was heavily influenced by them, and Georgio, at the time, was a determined PlayStation 3 fan. I didn’t have a 7th generation console at that point in time, so I would never really get to see one let alone play the damn thing. I remember Georgio inviting me to chill at his house, and at the time, I was just recently “reunited” with him (which is a story for another time), so I immediately jumped at the opportunity to make up for lost time. On the way to his house, he wanted to stop by the local EB Games to pick up a few games. Me not being a serious gamer at the time didn’t really care what we were doing, I was just glad to see my friend again. The two games he picked up were Bioshock and LittleBigPlanet. When we got back to his house, he immediately popped in Bioshock and I will always remember the awestruck amazement I felt when I watched him play that enthralling game. To think that video games of gotten to that point of immersion was flabbergasting. I probably watched him play over 5 hours of that intriguing, albeit daunting, game. That year was a big personal life changer for me and come that Christmas, I had a PS3 of my own and my own personal copy of Bioshock, which is still to this day one of my favourite games of all time. Ever since, video games have become a huge part of who I am today and helped me cope with my personal struggles and inner demons. I fell deep into the video game ‘rabbit hole’ and have never regretted my decision nor have I ever looked back.

Continuing on, Georgio was also a huge influence when it came to music. Surprise, surprise. When we were about 12, we were going through the pre-teen stage of wanting something to do, a cool hobby of some sort. My obsession with Sum 41 directed my decision to pick up the guitar. Georgio’s love for Fall Out Boy made him do the same, and we eventually started taking lessons at the same music school. We started our own band called ‘Pick it up Princess’, he was in charge of rhythm guitar, vocals, and the general writing of the songs, and I was in charge of lead guitar and playing whatever he wanted me to play. We got my brother to play the drums, since him and I started playing music concurrently, and we got another friend of ours to slap the bass. Yes we were awful, but composing and rigorously practicing together was honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had. We even recorded our one and only tune, ‘Kicks and Headphones’. Maybe I’ll upload it one day, hopefully they won’t mind. Obviously this band did not last and everyone separated to do their own thing. I, now being 21, started a one man band project called After Story. I currently perform and record all of the guitars, drums, bass, and vocals for my original songs which are inspired by J-Rock and western alternative rock such as Angels & Airwaves, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and others. I’ve been, for god knows how long, trying to compose an album and I already have a couple songs recorded and others completely composed, but it’s a slow process as I meticulously fine tune each song. But I’ll upload them, one by one and hopefully if you like them, I can use that as motivation to finally finish this damn thing.

Pick it up Princess' debut
Pick it up Princess’ debut

I know I said I’d talk about two passions, but I’d like to talk about one more, since you’re going to be hearing a lot of talk about her. Yes, her. I met my girlfriend this summer in the most peculiar way. It was sudden but painless, nerve-racking yet so elating. We met on tinder of all places, and luckily we had mutual friends so when I asked for her number, she was able to confront said mutual friends and inquire if I was a creeper or not. Right off the bat, we clicked. Talking to someone has never been so easy. Whether we were talking about my dog, music, our current jobs, our awkwardness, my lame jokes, her amazing randomness, or whatever other topic we could contrive, there was never a dull moment and it never felt forced. I felt that I could be myself and didn’t have to put up a façade to protect myself. You see, I was hurt and abandoned in a previous relationship, so I was really scared because I didn’t know if I was emotionally ready for anything and the fact that our relationship was going so well (when things normally never go well), it felt like a calm before the storm. Upon several meet ups and phone calls, I realized that we both had the same worries and that we were both afraid of being hurt. And I guess it’s that pain, those trust issues that help us connect, because we taught each other how to trust again by letting one another into our lives. I will probably get into more details in future posts but we’ve been dating for a few months now and I honestly have never been happier. She’s my foundation and my support, she holds me up when I’m feeling down and never resents me for the baggage I carry. She never judges me and loves me for me, she laughs at my god awful jokes and is even willing to play video games with me (she absolutely destroys me at Super Smash Bros), she’s everything I’ve dreamed of and so much more. She is also a fantastic pianist, and I hope that she’ll be interested in composing a song together because I absolutely love the piano, even though I can’t play it. Growing up, as a hormonal teenager, I always longed for someone to just be there for me and to love and hold, but now that I’ve found her, I’m scared that I’ll somehow let her slip through my fingers. She’ll, of course, tell me otherwise but I can’t help but feel insecure at times. I love her with all my heart, and I always will. I love her, to the stars and beyond, forever and always, until the end of time. I’m sorry if this was extremely cheesy for some of you out there, but I couldn’t think of any other way to express it.

My one and only
My one and only

So that’s about it for now, I’ll update or tell some more stories in the coming days but hopefully this was enough to whet your appetite.


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