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Classic Corner – Banjo-Kazooie

As much as I loved my original PlayStation growing up, I can’t help but feel that I truly missed out on some of gaming’s greatest treasures when I skipped out on the Nintendo 64. Seeing as I grew up in the 3D prominence of gaming – with 3D platformers being one of my favourite genres – the N64 had a myriad of golden gems that would cater to my prolific love for jumping and collecting things. The fact that I have just completed Banjo-Kazooie 18 years after its initial release is a sad accomplishment and realization as that should’ve been rectified prior as Banjo-Kazooie, is not only one of my favourite 3D platformers of all time, but is another title that I can slab onto my “favourite video games of all time” list. It’s a nostalgic, yet exquisite, time capsule into a simpler era of gaming that exuded such pristine quality while pursuing new forms of innovation. While its moment to moment gameplay unfortunately shows its age and doesn’t control nearly as well as Nintendo’s iconic plumber, it’s the sum of its parts that stand the test of time and make the titular duo an instant classic.

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Classic Corner Extravaganza!

Hello everyone! Remember me? Long-time no talk! Despite being MIA for the past four months, I’ve been squeezing in some quality gaming sessions in my spare time and thought I’d just share my impressions on each and every classic game that I’ve played thus far.

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Classic Corner – Resident Evil

Happy Halloween everyone! In celebration of the synonymous date of imaginative malevolence, I thought it would be appropriate to delve into a classic horror title in hopes of developing a state of uncomfortable anxiety, securing my next quick fix of adrenaline pumping intensity. Resident Evil is an astounding experience that appropriately fits the stated criteria; inducing an abundance of atmospherically eerie goodness, boasting brilliantly crafted level design that is arguably unrivalled to this very day, and a surprising emphasis on non-linearity and intricate puzzle implementation that mirror the minutia of the renowned adventure genre. Although Resident Evil arguably fostered the Survival Horror genre, and has never been dethroned in terms of pure structure, Resident Evil is a conspicuous homage to the tried and true fundamentals of the adventure genre, cohering the structural puzzle format of adventure legends such as The Secret of Monkey Island or King’s Quest and the non-linear progression of the Zelda and Metroid series. However, given the true nature of Resident Evil as a horror title and the sheer fact that Halloween is upon us, none of this would be relevant, let alone bare any sort of legacy, if the title that single-handedly pioneered Survival Horror wasn’t able to evoke any form of fear in the modern era of gaming. Resident Evil emits an unsettling nature that is quite difficult to describe; it’s this ineffable nature, however, that sets RE apart from the rest of the herd, as there are many intricate variables within the minutia of Resident Evil, making it fairly difficult to identify the true culprit of your instilled fear. Crimson Heads are downright petrifying as they’re basic instinct and structure are completely alien to the strategies you’ve developed thus far, making their imminent rise all the more terrifying. Familiar locales may alleviate yourself to a point of ease, but RE will take advantage of that comfortability and twist the very paranoia that consumes you, throwing yourself into a state of danger when you least expect it. Brilliant sound design will constantly keep you on your toes as its minimalistic music still evokes an unsettling nature that’ll undoubtedly crank your anxiety up to eleven, while enemy noises will alert you on the imminent danger that lies ahead. Regardless of what you’ll find on your horrific adventure through the Spencer Mansion, there will always be something to fear, and cherish the moments of tranquility as these instances are few and far between.

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Classic Corner – Super Metroid

It’s funny how each new Classic Corner I write up results in a classic game becoming one of my favourite experiences of all time. This statement proves factual with Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and it brings me great pleasure to say that Super Metroid is no exception to the rule. Super Metroid is pure exploration gold, pioneering many of the amazing gaming concepts and intricate mechanics that build the very core structure of our favourite games today. It’s atmospherically eerie, immaculately diverse, and its masterful gameplay is second to none. Super Metroid is a bonafide  masterpiece that is an absolute essential for those who wish to delve into the renowned history of the medium. The “Metroidvania” genre gained noticeable popularity thanks to Super Metroid’s pristine ability to craft a masterful formula that was equally perplexing as it was addicting, after all, its very name represents half of the iconic genre, a formidable honor no doubt. Very few games have the potential to boast an innovative quality that can even hold a candle to the likes of Super Metroid. Many games have mirrored and/or tweaked the effective formula, which admittedly resulted in some of the greatest games ever created, but sometimes, it’s imperatively essential to experience the beginning of greatness to truly respect and appreciate its legacy.

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Classic Corner – Super Mario Bros. 3

Commonly referred to as the greatest 2D platformer of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3 is delightfully challenging, imaginative, and an excellent illustration of stellar game design. Super Mario Bros. 3 crafted a legacy of its own and pioneered many conventions that have become staples of modern game design. Yes many elements of Mario 3 may seem trivial or primitive in comparison to the current standards of gaming, but seeing how its first innovative steps have evolved so immensely is nothing short of amazing. Its true brilliance is craftily hidden within its intricacy and difficulty; despite its vibrant colour palette, the game can be downright unforgiving, in a manner that seems to be a rarity in the Super Mario series. The level design is also immaculate, where every platform, power-up, and enemy is masterfully placed and is effortlessly entwined with the responsive controls. Super Mario Bros. 3 is a timeless, golden piece of software that truly shows that Nintendo are the unparalleled kings of video game design, and whether you’re embarking on a nostalgic trip down memory lane or experiencing its innovations for the first time, Super Mario Bros. 3 is a bona fide classic that’s worth experiencing over and over again.

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Classic Corner – Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Classic corner will be a recurring segment where I’ll either re-experience or inaugurally play a classic title and give my thoughts and impressions. Does the game still hold up after all these years? Does the game rightfully deserve its critical acclaim or animosity? Read more to find out!

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Classic Corner – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Classic corner will be a recurring segment where I’ll either re-experience or inaugurally play a classic title and give my thoughts and impressions. Does the game still hold up after all these years? Does the game rightfully deserve its critical acclaim or animosity? Read more to find out!

Often regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, Ocarina of Time is an immediate classic that helped pave the current gaming world that we’re so enamoured with. I didn’t own any Nintendo consoles as a child, except for the excellent GameBoy Color; I was primarily a PlayStation kid, so I grew up playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot instead of Mario and Zelda. Luckily Nintendo EAD and Grezzo made the smart decision to port and update one of the greatest Zelda games to the 3DS so people, like myself, can properly experience it for the first time. So does the Ocarina of Time live up to the insurmountable praise it has received over the last decade and a bit? Absolutely, but most of you knew that already. Ocarina of Time is a bonafide masterpiece and rightfully deserves its title as “one of the greatest games of all time”. Hell, it even joined the ranks of my favourite games of all time. The exploration is sublime, the puzzles are intricate but rewarding, and its implementation of time travel and item usage to access new areas is masterful. Its joyous musical score is simple, yet iconic and its innovating lock-on system forever revolutionized character interaction and combat in a 3D environment. Link first entered the 3D landscape of gaming back in 1998 and it still stands the test of time, continuously setting the golden standard for not just our favourite video games but the vast amount of titles to come.