Why Nintendo’s Wii U is my favourite current-gen console

2014 is coming to a close very shortly and with that comes a moment of reflection. Over the last two years, the current generation of consoles have invaded the living rooms of the general mass and those who haven’t jumped on the current-gen bandwagon are diligently waiting for the right opportunity. The Wii U launched in November 2012 while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 arrived the following year. After a decent amount of time on the market, how well have these consoles fared? Well in terms of sales, they’re doing exceptionally well with the PlayStation 4 in the lead, but with the Xbox One treading not too far behind. Even the Wii U is currently picking up in numbers. So as someone who owns all three current-gen consoles, people constantly ask me which one is most deserving of their well-earned money. It’s all a matter of preference really. Do you want the machine that has the superior graphical capability or the machine that has a stronger gaming library? Out of all the current gaming consoles, I definitely play my PS4 the most, as that’s where my player ecosystem resides and where I indulge most of the third-party titles. My personal favourite current-gen console, however, is Nintendo’s peculiar Wii U. Followed by a confusing reveal and a shaky launch, the Wii U had a struggling first year, but 2014 was the Wii U’s time to shine, and boy did it shine ever so brightly. Redefined tweaks resulting in a more accessible UI, the release of a robust collection of fantastic first-party titles, an unbeatable price advantage, the resurrection of a personal favourite gaming mode, and so much more make the Wii U a great, albeit sometimes faulty, console.

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Those three words..

So this was a track that I wrote back in high school. A love song of sorts, but not about my own personal life. When I write songs, I like to either tell stories or write about someone else, of course there are exceptions to this rule of mine. This song, entitled “Three Words” is a love song that I based on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, characters from the NBC television series Chuck. I primarily based it on the episode “Chuck vs the three words”, and you don’t need to be a genius to understand what those words are. The song is a little more on the poppy side, mirroring the likes of All Time Low, the Maine, slower songs of Blink 182 and Sum 41. It’s fairly simplistic, the guitar riffs are not particularly hard and it follows a simple structure, but I find it catchy and it expressed that love-throb vibe I wanted to convey. The song’s quality may not be the greatest, as it was recorded in my basement, but it gets the job done. Headphone use does make it sound a little better!

Formalities ~ An origin story

A little formulaic self-introduction never hurt anyone. My name is Alex and I’m an amateur musician and writer that wanted an outlet to express my creative design. So here I am, though I’ll admit that I’m not very good, but through this experience I hope to grow and improve with the help of all of you. Music and Video games are my two passions and I try to balance the two although during some periods in my life one may take prevalence over the other. So I guess I’ll give a run down on my origin story, or at least the origin of my two passions for that matter.

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