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To the Stars and Beyond…

So it’s been a while since I posted any music, am I right? Well I’ve been fairly busy with school, catching up on some gaming, other writing endeavors, and just life in general. But I thought the time was right to break the hiatus. This next song is entitled “To the Stars and Beyond” and it’s probably the slowest song I have recorded by far and definitely one of my favourites. It’s a traditional love song but the added delay and chorus pedal compliment the guitar nicely, adding the exquisite spacey vibe that I love so much. I wrote this song for my girlfriend’s birthday, but it was written in two completely different sittings. The first half was written before we started dating, evoking a message of assurance and sustaining our fears. The second half was written a month after we started dating, a newer message of security, love, and promise is distinctly conveyed through the lyrics. Don’t know how you guys feel about love songs, I personally don’t like them very much but at times I do like a nice breather from the faster, upbeat tunes and love songs, if done correctly, can be extremely enjoyable. Now I do plan on eventually releasing an EP, and the three songs I have uploaded make up about half of the track listing, so here’s hoping that I’ll be able to finish! As always, the quality isn’t best but it gets the job done. Be sure to use headphones or some good speakers to get the best sound quality! Thanks ūüôā


The loneliest of lonely…

This next tune of mine is one of my personal favourites. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not one to write a song about myself; I may take certain thematic elements such as love, loss, or destruction from my life and experiences, but will ultimately write a story about someone or something else. ¬†This time around, I wrote a song that is a little closer to home. As someone who struggled with a mental illness, I know how tough coping with reality can be, and this song is just about that. Long story short, this song is about a schizophrenic boy whose best friend is an imaginary man who takes¬†an umbrella with him everywhere he goes. And one day, he just disappears… So the boy is just left with his thoughts as he copes with his predicament. This is also the first song where I started using my delay pedal and fell in love with the empty, spacey feel it¬†portrayed and how it complimented the rest of the song. So please take a listen! As always, the quality isn’t necessarily the best but using headphones does make it sound a tad bit better.¬†

Those three words..

So this was a track that I wrote back in high school. A love¬†song of sorts, but not about my own personal life. When I write songs, I like to either tell stories or write about someone else, of course there are exceptions to this rule of mine. This song, entitled “Three Words” is a love song that I based on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah, characters from the NBC television series Chuck. I primarily based it on the episode “Chuck vs the three words”, and you don’t need to be a genius to understand what those words are. The song is a little more on the poppy side, mirroring the likes of All Time Low, the Maine, slower songs of Blink 182 and Sum 41. It’s fairly simplistic, the guitar riffs¬†are not particularly hard and it follows a simple structure, but I find it catchy and it expressed that love-throb vibe I wanted to convey. The song’s quality may not be the greatest, as it was recorded in my basement, but it gets the job done. Headphone use does make it sound a little better!