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Top 10 Games of 2016

While I was admittedly not as active in the video game blogosphere as I wanted to be, I still managed to virtually consume a superb minutia of content that bestowed 2016 the worthy praise of being an excellent year in gaming. I unquestionably lament how I didn’t write up my anecdotal thoughts on all of these excellent pieces of entertainment, but they impressively boast a bright sheen of quality and have quickly seeped their way into the imminent list of my favourite games of the current generation. I hope my brief praise for each title will atone for the lack of coverage and rectify their notable omission from my site content. While 2016 saw the success of multiple sequels to renowned franchises, it also brought forth the rising popularity of new intellectual properties and independent video games. Intriguing titles such as Firewatch and Oxenfree, which were unfortunately a dollar short of claiming a spot on this list, offered novel variables to the gripping narrative formula that Telltale masterfully weaved through their success of the Walking Dead series. The Last Guardian finally saw the light of day after a grueling nine years in development hell, and while certain aspects felt archaic and downright awful, it was still a worthwhile experience that transcended the traditional perception of spirituality. 2016 also brought in a new entry to my favourite Xbox exclusive series, Gears of War 4 – a by the numbers sequel that simply radiates delight, serving as a polite reminder to the qualities that made the original trilogy such an innovating experience. However, each of the next ten titles transcended trivial expectations, revitalizing the formulaic nature of the old and providing closure to the stories we’ve grown with over the many years. These are the best of the best that 2016 had to offer, simply alleviating the harmonic balance between idiosyncratic personality and gameplay. If your personal pick of 2016 is notably absent from the list, there’s no need for a vendetta of any sort, this simply suggests that I didn’t have the privilege of experiencing said game or I did not enjoy it as much as you did. Now without further ado, these are my top 10 games of 2016.

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Bloodborne Review

Masochistic fun

This gem in particular is extremely hard for me to critique; Bloodborne is so massive in scope and presence that it’s almost too daunting for me to analytically approach it, but its unrelenting challenge and downright punishing nature deserves to be praised. Bloodborne will be marked down as one of the most challenging and rewarding video games of all time; it’s an idiosyncratic experience that will either make or break you. Bloodborne brutally tests the player’s insight and reflexes; with a deliberate lack of guidance, plenty of mistakes will be made and plenty of gruesome deaths will undoubtedly ensue, but it’s this “no risk, no reward” mentality that makes Bloodborne such an unbelievable experience. Despite the alluring appeal of its demented but gorgeous world, and viscerally strategic combat, understand that Bloodborne is not an experience for the faint of heart. It will continuously beat you to the ground, and once you feel stable and things are manageable, it will revert to beating you, again and again. The path of Bloodborne is not an easy one, but I implore you to stick with it, for your time and effort will be rewarded and its uplifting feeling of satisfying relief is a sensation like no other. Yes you will die a lot, and yes you will get frustrated consistently, but this experience is a trial of your patience and skill. Truly overcoming the insurmountable obstacles that are bosses, in and of itself, is a gratifying accomplishment. This is a game about learning from player error, overcoming the unfeasible odds, and continuously striving to live for just another minute. This is Bloodborne, and it’s bloody fantastic.

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