How Persona 4 Golden Saved My Life

How Persona 4 Golden Saved My Life

A simple story of depression, weakness, solace, and hope…

For years I’ve thought of how to properly articulate this experience as it’s neither a pleasant nor heartfelt memory, but it’s an indispensable experience that I’m ready to share. I’ll do my utmost best to not spoil the beautiful nature of the masterpiece that is Persona 4 but in order to properly convey this experience, I’ll have to touch on certain thematic elements that ultimately reflect my own personal struggles. I do apologize in advanced if I drift off topic, as this is a relatively sensitive topic, and it’ll be in my nature to deviate from the beaten path, but hopefully by the end of this, you’ll have a better understanding of who I am, why gaming is so important to me, and why I believe this medium is an unparalleled, beautiful work of art.

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The loneliest of lonely…

This next tune of mine is one of my personal favourites. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not one to write a song about myself; I may take certain thematic elements such as love, loss, or destruction from my life and experiences, but will ultimately write a story about someone or something else.  This time around, I wrote a song that is a little closer to home. As someone who struggled with a mental illness, I know how tough coping with reality can be, and this song is just about that. Long story short, this song is about a schizophrenic boy whose best friend is an imaginary man who takes an umbrella with him everywhere he goes. And one day, he just disappears… So the boy is just left with his thoughts as he copes with his predicament. This is also the first song where I started using my delay pedal and fell in love with the empty, spacey feel it portrayed and how it complimented the rest of the song. So please take a listen! As always, the quality isn’t necessarily the best but using headphones does make it sound a tad bit better.