To the Stars and Beyond…

So it’s been a while since I posted any music, am I right? Well I’ve been fairly busy with school, catching up on some gaming, other writing endeavors, and just life in general. But I thought the time was right to break the hiatus. This next song is entitled “To the Stars and Beyond” and it’s probably the slowest song I have recorded by far and definitely one of my favourites. It’s a traditional love song but the added delay and chorus pedal compliment the guitar nicely, adding the exquisite spacey vibe that I love so much. I wrote this song for my girlfriend’s birthday, but it was written in two completely different sittings. The first half was written before we started dating, evoking a message of assurance and sustaining our fears. The second half was written a month after we started dating, a newer message of security, love, and promise is distinctly conveyed through the lyrics. Don’t know how you guys feel about love songs, I personally don’t like them very much but at times I do like a nice breather from the faster, upbeat tunes and love songs, if done correctly, can be extremely enjoyable. Now I do plan on eventually releasing an EP, and the three songs I have uploaded make up about half of the track listing, so here’s hoping that I’ll be able to finish! As always, the quality isn’t best but it gets the job done. Be sure to use headphones or some good speakers to get the best sound quality! Thanks 🙂

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Your friendly neighbourhood video game writer/musician from the Great White North. While he's been playing video games since the late 90's, the one video game that kickstarted this obsession, hobby, and possible career (?) was Bioshock, and the rest is history. A firm defender of The Last of Us Part II and believer in Super Mario Odyssey's superiority over Breath of the Wild.

2 thoughts on “To the Stars and Beyond…

  1. woah… you are amazingly talented, have you thought of making any music specifically for video games? thanks for commenting etc. on my blog, its intoduced me to yours!

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    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah I like the work that you’ve done so far on your blog! Especially liked the Eminem relapse post! Yeah I have, musical scores aren’t really my forte but I do love them nonetheless. I’ve primarily played in bands for my own endeavors but writing music for games, movies, or TV series would be a dream come true! But thank you so much for the kind words!


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